Useful WordPress Plugins

These are the first plugins I put on any WordPress site; they’re very useful.

Page Links To

This allows you to add a link to the menu, or even just create a URL somewhere in the site that will link either to external content, or do another page internally. I use this one for creating a page which displays posts with a particular category or tag.

For example, if I create a page with a URL of /news, then I could link it to /categories/news so that any post with that category is displayed on it.

Ideal for any site where you want to have multiple blog pages with different content. See for an example.

Custom Contact Forms

I’ve tried lots of WordPress contact forms but this is the best I’ve found. Completely customisable but without using code, and the confirmation page can be set so the user doesn’t just get a ‘thanks’ message and nothing more.

BWP Sitemaps

Submitting your sitemap to the search engines helps them to index your site properly and this just makes the job easier.

Google Analytics for WordPress

This adds the appropriate code for your analytics account to your site. Nothing more to say – it just works.

Lightbox Gallery

Nice simple plugin for making images more interesting than just displaying them in a new tab.

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