How to insert a OneNote note into an Outlook meeting

There are plenty of guides and information on how to add notes from an Outlook meeting into OneNote, but what if you want to do it the other way around and put a OneNote note into an Outlook meeting invitation?

Here’s how you do it.

Here I have an appointment for what we’re having for dinner this evening. I want to include a link to the recipe I’m using, and I keep most of my recipes in OneNote to make it easy to search for a particular idea or ingredient.

An Outlook appointment for dinner

Find the note you want to link to, right click it and select ‘Copy Link to Page’.

A recipe in OneNote

Go back to your meeting invite, right click and select paste, or press Control and V, and a link to the recipe will appear.

Outlook meeting invite with a link to a OneNote note

I store my OneNote files in OneDrive so this link will work for others with access to the same OneNote notebook, but if you keep your files elsewhere it will create the link directly to the file. This may or may not work depending on if you access the files from the same path (e.g. a mapped network drive, or on the same computer) as someone else.

Alternatively you can just paste the entire note to the invite, although you’ll then lose the sometimes useful ability to update the original note, in this case with notes about the recipe like ‘more sausage’. For this, right click and select copy,

Copy an entire OneNote note

Then paste as normal into the meeting.

Add an entire OneNote note into a meeting invite

Credit for the original recipe to Gordon Ramsay, and the adapted version was from this blog.

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