The Candlelight Inn, Bishopswood

We have been staying nr Honiton, Devon for a half term break with our 3 children.

We were recommend to try The Candlelight Inn which is located in Bishopswood by some friends who live nearby.

So off we went for lunch and we were not disappointed.  In what looks to be a small village stands this wonderful oldy worldy pub with open fires and stoves making it lovely and welcoming.  They have local Ales which went down very well, on this occasion the choice of Helles Belles or Otter Bitter for which he chose the latter and said it was very nice.

They were very accommodating of our small children and it was nice for there to be no fruit shoots in sight!  The girls had good old fashioned fruit juice, orange and apple – it even had bits lol.  They didn’t have a children’s menu as such but did let us know what items they could do in a childs portion which included burger, sausages and fish which come with home made chips and it was delicious.

Not a particularly cheap place to eat but we feel you get what you pay for.  Lunch which consisted of a hot meal for 5 and a drink each was around £60 so not extortionate but not something we could do everyday.

But if you are in the area and looking for a lovely warm and welcoming place to eat then we would highly recommend The Candlelight Inn, Bishopswood.

Just be careful on all the lanes down to it from the main road as they are not very wide!


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