How to change the From address in Office 365 web app

It may not be immediately obvious how to get to the ‘From’ field in Office 365 webmail so you can send as another account or distribution group you have access to, but here’s how to do it.


Office 365 show from field

Open a new email and, if it’s not there already, add the From field by clicking the three little dots and selecting ‘Show From’.



Office 365 edit from address

Right-click on the from email address and select the edit option.



Office 365 from dropdown

You can now use the backspace key to delete the existing email address (don’t worry, it won’t delete the address itself, just allow you to type a new one in its place.)


Office 365 add from address

Type the new address or select it from the address book.



Office 365 select from address You’ll now see your available list of sender addresses in the drop down list every time you send a new email.



If you make a mistake in a new address or just want to remove one, simply select it, then right click and select “Remove”.Remove a from address from 365 webmail

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