Takeaway style sweet and sour king prawns

Sweet and sour prawns with egg fried rice

While trying to save money and cut down our spending, we’ve been trying out some takeaway style dishes. Most of the recipes we’ve found have been nothing like the ‘real thing’, but along with Chicken in Black Bean and Chilli Sauce and Chicken Korma, this sweet and sour dish hits the spot.

I’m not going to publish the recipe here for copyright reasons, but it’s basically this recipe from BBC Good food with a few adaptations.

Firstly, as we have loads of King Prawns from fishandmore.co.uk we used these instead of chicken. Don’t be alarmed at the cost – this is for 2KG which is only slightly more than you’d pay in the supermarket but they’re huge and have loads of flavour unlike the supermarket’s tiddlers which shrink rapidly when cooked.

cooking pineappleWe didn’t’ have any tinned pineapple but had a fresh whole one from Seasons Fruit and Veg so chopped this up and blended some of it instead of the juice from the can.


Sweet and sour sauceThe first time I cooked it we found the star anise overpowering so used just one instead of four this time.


The recipe also just says to ‘heat the oil until shimmering’ when frying the prawns rather than specifying a temperature, but I found 180°C about right.

sweet and sour prawns for the kids


We also cut the chilli right down as the kids were also having some and it was perfect with a quarter deseeded medium red one. The children loved the sweet, sticky chunks of pineapple and crunchy battered prawns, with some egg fried rice on the side to mop up the sauce.


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