Error 1310 writing to config.msi

‘Error 1310 writing to config.msi’. I’ve seen this quite a few times now and thought I ought to share it for anyone struggling to fix the problem.

Config.msi error

When uninstalling (possibly also installing or repairing although I haven’t come across those instances) a program on Windows, you may see ‘Error 1310. Error writing to file C:\Config.Msi’ with a filename, then ‘Verify that you have access to that directory’ even when logged in with full administrator rights.

The way around it is to take ownership of the C:\Config.Msi directory. To do this, navigate to the folder and right click on it. Select properties, go to the security tab then click the Advanced button.


Click the Owner tab and then the edit button. take-ownership-windows-folder

Select either yourself or the administrators group (assuming you’re a member of that group) and tick the box saying ‘Replace owner on subcontainers and objects’ (files and folders in English). Click ok, and it should change the ownership.change-owner-windows-folder

It might give you an error that access is denied but should adjust the permissions enough to allow you to click ‘Retry’ and allow the application to uninstall. You may even have to repeat taking ownership a few times, clicking Retry after each attempt to allow the uninstall process to get a bit further.

There is probably a ‘proper’ fix for this but I’ve never found it and this works for me when the problem does crop up.

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