New year’s resolutions

So it is now the 2nd of January and everyone has recovered from Christmas and New Year, most people are back to work today.

The kids don’t go back till Tuesday so I have a few more days of entertaining them to do.

So, now it’s a new year everyone is talking about their resolutions: do people still make resolutions, I do but I don’t know how long they will last:

To lose some baby weight – my youngest is about to turn 1 at the end of the month so I feel that I can’t get away with the phrase “I’ve just had a baby” for much longer!

To see a musical – this I will have to do with friends as try husband does not like musicals

To go to a pop concert – same as above. The last time I went to a concert was to see Robbie Williams at the MK bowl which I think was about 1999/2000.

To see people more often – it can be months sometimes before we realise that we haven’t seen each other or had a good catch up. I’d like to invite people round more and see more of friends and family.

To have more family days out – my husband works a lot and therefore sometimes weekends can pass us by without realising that we didn’t really do anything. I’d like to have family days out, take the kids to the cinema on a Saturday morning and just generally spend more time together as a family.

To be more organised – this one will be tough, I’m a little but of a scatterbrain at the best of times but luckily have never managed to forget any of the kids. I may go out and forget to take things with me or forget to do something whilst I’m out so I’m going to try and improve that along with being more organised at home and with my Phoenix Cards business.

To give blood – I used to give blood regularly before having the kids but haven’t been able to for a few years so this year I want to get back into doing that and I will be encouraging my husband to do it too. There are plenty of sessions available that go on until about 9pm in the evenings so there really is no excuse. Of course not everyone can donate blood but I’m sure if you look at their website it will tell you everything you need to know. I always tell myself that you never know when you or someone you know might just need someone else’s blood.
I’m sure most employers will let you leave early one afternoon every three months for such a good cause.

To get our Website business well and truly up and running. We have been running this business for a few years but very much part time… is the time to expand on this and whilst this is going to take a lot of effort this is the resolution that I am most excited about.

To blog more – I am reasonably new to ‘blogging’ but I am going to endeavour to bore you all more with things that we are up to or things that interest us.

That’s all for now, time to get everyone up and ready for grandma and grandad to visit.

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