Alcohol Free wine and beer

Alcohol free wine and beer. Is it worth drinking?

While I was doing the Dryathlon I thought I’d give alcohol free a try. I got some alcohol free red wine from Sainsbury’s, and some alcohol free Beck’s Blue beer.

Alcohol free red wine

The first thing I noticed about this was that I still needed approval when I scanned it through the self checkout. A bit strange when it doesn’t actually contain any alcohol. Well, ‘less than 0.05%’ if you want to be picky.

alcohol free wineOnce opened, it smelt like cheap wine. I had a swig. It tasted like cheap wine; not unpleasant but I certainly wouldn’t be buying cases of the stuff. After a couple of glasses I got used to it and even temporarily fooled my brain into thinking I was having a nice juicy 14% Shiraz.

I still don’t see the point in it, unless you found yourself alergic to alcohol, in which case it’s a passable substitute to go with the Sunday roast.

Beck's Blue alcohol free beerBeck’s Blue – Alcohol free lager

This tastes exactly like standard Beck’s. Side by side it would be easy to tell, but by itself if someone gave you a bottle in a dark pub you probably wouldn’t notice. In fact it’s so good that after 4 bottles my brain was definitely confused; why am I still sober? I’m drinking lager!

This one I can definitely see the point of. Going to a party but having to drive? Take a case of Beck’s Blue and you won’t feel too left out when everyone else is getting smashed, plus you can have a good laugh at your mates’ drunken antics.

Only one week left on the waggon, so this will be the first and last alcohol free review you’ll see from me.

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