How to keep your house cool without air conditioning

We’ve had a few hot days over the last couple of months and through trial and error, and the application of a little science, I’ve found a simple way to keep the house cool during the day.

Air conditioning units aren’t particularly expensive now, and for the few days a year they’re needed, not that expensive to run. I haven’t been able to persuade the other half though, so resorted to the cheap (free) option.

Most houses will have a sunny side and a shady side. In the morning just close all the windows and curtains on the sunny side. It’s important to close the windows as well – this is particularly effective if they’re double-glazed. You’d naturally think opening the windows would cool things down but it just lets in hot air. On the opposite shady side of the house open all of the windows and curtains to let out any hot air pushed through from the sunny side.

Once the sun has passed over the house later in the evening you can just reverse the process with everything closed on the now sunny side and open on the shady side.

Next Spring an air conditioning unit will be on the shopping list though.

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