360 Play, Stevenage

Last night I promised Alice that I would take her to soft play today if she slept all night in her own bed.  She woke at 1am and again, I told her if she went back to sleep in her own bed I would take her to soft play – and it worked!!!

So, when she finally surfaced this morning at 10.15am, I got everyone ready and off we set for 360 Play in Stevenage.

Wow!!!! What a place.  Pricey to get into (which is why I have put off going for so long), cost £18 for 2 adults, 2 under 6’s and a baby so I treat it more as a day out than a couple of hours.

We had a great time (all of us), the girls played in the toddler area and shops for a while on their own whilst we watched, then we had some lunch (which I thought was well priced considering the cost to get in), then whilst Emily had a 30  minute snooze in the buggy I took her big sister on the dodgems and in the big climbing frame.  Well, she loved it and I’m sure for me it would a good way to lose some weight lol.  After a half an hour nap for Emily we went back to the toddler area for a while more and then on the way out had a go on the carousel.

What I loved about the place was it was clean, bright, very spacious, and the dodgems and carousel are included in the entrance fee.  The only thing that did slightly annoy me was other mums who had taken a packed lunch for them and their kids.  The360 play website states that only food bought in the play centre can be consumed on the premises which is standard practice for these types of things but I was shocked at how many people were not afraid to have a table full of packed lunches!  It’s really obvious when they come through the entrance as each child carried their lunch box.  I, however, bought my kids some lunch and I would be too embarrassed to take a packed lunch when it clearing states that this is not allowed.  I would hate to be asked to leave when I had spent the best part of £20 getting in.

I am considering the annual pass which is £10 a month per child and an adult goes free – you would only need to go twice a month to be quids in!  I think if I was to do the annual pass option I would be able to take the girls just for a couple of hours and not feel that we would have to treat as a day out and therefore stay for lunch.

I think Daddy will love it there – I also think it would be a great night out to hire it for an adults only soft play party – clearly all the parents today (including me) were having a great time.  It’s the best day out I’ve spent with my girls for a while and I can’t wait to go back.

I think Daddy is going to have to take a day off to come along next time.


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